“‘The ‘X’ Factor: Executive Presence at a Deeper Level” Track “A”

Executive presence has long been acknowledged as a critical factor in leadership. However, its definition has often been mysterious and subject to diverse perspectives. As a result, leaders have received feedback on presence without a roadmap for action that connects clearly to business objectives. The default assumption is to equate presence with appearance and presentation skills. While these factors are important, they make up only a small piece of the “executive presence puzzle” that helps leaders sustain goal-directed action in an organization.

Through this session we will take executive presence to a deeper level.

We will look at some of the extensive research to understanding the dimensions of executive presence. You will gain insight through the Bates Executive Presence IndexTM which clarifies executive presence as a three-dimensional model of character, substance, and style. Within these dimensions are 15 distinct facets that are proven to make up a leader’s overall presence and level of influence.

We will connect the dots between business imperatives to the facets of executive presence and provide you with insight and guidance to helping executives view executive presence in a more scientific and objective way.

Through the program, you will discover:

  • The Dimensions of Executive Presence and Understanding the Bates ExPITM Model of Executive Presence

  • How Leaders Use Executive Presence to Solve Business Problems

  • Helping Leaders Leverage Their Strengths to Tackle Their Development Themes

  • Making the Business Case for Executive Presence

Event Timeslots (1)

Tuesday, Oct 15
Susan Conti, MCEC

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