Selling Your Services Through Stories

Presenter:  Cynthia Burnham, Master Corporate Executive Coach (MCEC), Author of “The Charisma Edge,” inducted member into the Marshall Goldsmith MG100

 In an article on consciousness in the March, 27, 2017 New Yorker magazine, the author says, ““Argumentsrarely shift intuitions; it’s through stories that we revise our sense of what’s natural.  [Stories are] ‘intuition pumps.’”  The bottom line is that you will never inspire, teach, or sell as well with dry, boring facts alone – it is the story behind the data that creates connection, emotional response, and buying decisions. 

 In this short, interactive program, you will see how to make data come alive through stories and the underlying concepts of storytelling – even in small segments – and how to positively-influence the decisions of your clients and potential clients by structuring information in a way they can hear and be intrigued by. 

 You will learn:

·      The neuroscientific basis for decision-making, and why the brain has a bias for stories

·      How to recognize and use emotional hooks, micro-messages, and directed expressions to create mini-stories that link to emotions and create connection with clients

·      Ways to structure discussions of past successes and make data feel like a story that make you more “real,” credible, and accessible to your potential clients

Event Timeslots (1)

Tuesday, Oct 15
Cynthia Burham, MCEC, BCC