“Beyond Mission, Vision and Values – How to Plan and Market Your Business” Track “B”

Susan Kleinschmidt

Susan Kleinschmidt

Most coaches are focused on working in their business actively supporting their clients and often don’t take the time out to focus on their business, establishing a regular cadence and structure to their planning and business development. As service providers, the need to market and sell can be uncomfortable, and it can be hard to know the next right step.

Participants will be guided through an interactive session on the elements of a high-level business and marketing plan, including a helpful template and key resources

Your unique customer value statement (your WHY)

Understand your yes, yes but and no way (your WHAT)

Identification of target markets (Your WHO and WHERE)

Selecting marketing channels (Your HEY and HELLO)

Identification key priorities and critical actions (your HOW and WHEN)

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Tuesday, Oct 15
Susan Kleinschmidt, MCEC

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