Paul Epstein

Paul Epstein

Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute, Director of Leadership and Organizational Development

After a 12-year leadership journey in the sports business industry, Paul joined the Barry Wehmiller Leadership Institute, inspired by the partnership that Chapman & Co. and the San Francisco 49ers shared during his time with the NFL club. In his role, Paul is charged with forming impact-driven partnerships with a mission to transform the cultural landscape of business to embody a leadership philosophy of people, purpose, and performance. He now wakes up stimulated to follow his calling of unleashing the potential in others.  

With Chapman & Co., Paul has led engagements with the US Special Forces, a major airline, leading wine producer, non-profits, tech in Silicon Valley, as well as professional sports teams.   

In his time at the 49ers, Paul served on an executive leadership team that discovered their organizational ‘Why’ and values, immersing himself to lead a culture transformation that resulted in the creation of the 49ers Academy, a top talent incubator in the industry fueled through the vision of placing people first and inspiring them through a greater purpose.   

Paul received his MBA from the University of Michigan focused on leadership development, with a bachelors degree from USC in business.  He currently lives in Pasadena with his wife as they enjoy hosting memory-inspiring gatherings and traveling abroad.