Mayer Vafi

Co-Founder of Better Narratives Formally
NTD Apparel VP of Sales

Mayer’s leadership philosophy is based on sustainable living and letting businesses drive themselves by aligning decisions with people, planet, and profits. In fact, Mayer embraces the triple bottom line concept introduced by John Elkingon almost 25 years ago where he postulated that sustainability efforts ought to encompass three key agents:  People, Planet, and Profits.[1] He speaks about how people depend on a healthy economy, and a healthy economy needs a healthy global ecosystem where people and all living things flourish. He is passionate about educating people on the effects of plastic on the environment, and how waste can be repurposed. He has been featured in local and national talk shows and has been invited to speak to audiences of all ages.

Mayer is the co-founder of Better Narrative, a revolutionary company dedicated to sustainable living and ensuring a future for generations to come by repurposing waste into elegant apparel.  Mayer works from a mindset of abundance where the fulfillment of corporate goals need not come at the expense of the planet and humanity. Through Better Narrative, Mayer works relentlessly at shaping consumer behaviors through education about the impact of plastic waste on a global scale.

Mayer holds more than 15 years of experience in the apparel business, working with brands such as Alternative Apparel, 7ForAllmankind, UGG Australia and Pajar. He was instrumental at shaping these brands through his expertise in sales and merchandising, as well as his ingenuity in product development. Although he had reached the pinnacle of success in the apparel business, he made the decision to leave it all behind in search for personal meaning.  It was during a serendipitous encounter with a business owner, who would later become his partner, that he discovered his purpose. Better Narrative was born out of a sheer desire to leave a business legacy that would not harm the environment, but rather devote its resources to resolving some of societal problems through repurposed waste