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Dr. Catherine Carr


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After training as a scientist then therapist, Catherine added in leadership coaching. She was motivated to understand more about the science of coaching so did a doctorate in Executive Coaching and Leadership Development. Her research on team effectiveness and team coaching won her the Goulding Award for most outstanding professional doctorate and was the basis for her High Performance Team Coaching and 50 Tips for Terrific Team books. Professionally, her career included assisting with the launch of a successful British Columbia government wide team coaching program that could be accessed by 26,000 employees.

Catherine is currently interested in shifting the dialogue from high performance to high resilience. Our resilience, or capacity to bounce back and even thrive in pressured times, is critical in and forthe world today. Catherine wants to see resilience included as a key workplace competency.

She continues to contribute broadly to the field of coaching. Catherine has a full and vibrant practice that includes client work, leading team coaching supervision practice groups and being theCanadian Consortium for Resilience @ Work, a systemic resilience framework that gives equal weight to wellbeing and performance-individual, team and workplace.  She is faculty for the first North American International Systemic Team Coaching Diploma Programme, set to launch in New York July 2019. She has also co-authored a review of new team coaching research in recently released Handbook of Team Coaching.

Catherine has a B.SC in biology and environmental studies, a Masters in Counselling Leadership, a Graduate diploma in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University, and a Doctorate in Executive Coaching and Leadership Development from Middlesex University. Catherine is also a Certified Marshall Goldsmith Coach, Designing Your Life Coach, and Conflict Dynamics Specialist.

Catherine is grateful to do work that supports people to be well, live well and to meaningfully contribute around them and to our world. She enjoys giving back to worthwhile causes; she ongoingly coaches for Ted Talks and does pro-bono work with environmental leaders.