“Transforming Conversations in Uncertain Times” Track: B: Friday: 1:00-2:00pm

What would happen in organizational cultures if some of the current behaviors were disrupted and new possibilities for improving communications were created? In this participative session, we will offer fresh perspectives from the field of neuroscience, positive psychology and Conversational Intelligence to help understanding about how we really listen to each other and how our listening impacts our conversations.


1.       Explore how culture can be disruptive (and disrupted) to create impactful/sustainable change.

2.       Deepen the awareness and understanding of triggers that release chemicals in the brain and how these triggers impact how we listen, the quality of the conversations and thus trust and engagement at the individual, team and organizational level.

3.       Identify strategies to manage the trigger mix, plus tips, tools and techniques to facilitate change relevant to each participant’s leadership and organizational culture.

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Friday, Oct 18
Susan Curtin, Timi Gleason, Sue Stevenson

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