Keynote: “Enabling Mindset Shift for Positive Behavior Change ”

Over the last decade, I have lead hundreds of Harvard University leaders we have coached through The Immunity to Change program, developed Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey, faculty members at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  

What is Immunity to Change (ITC)? Behind each of our habits is a strongly held belief that not only keeps us in our groove, but also fights any change that threatens the status quo. This resistance is so strong, so adaptive, and so systemic that Kegan and Lahey liken it to a finely tuned immune system.  A practical tool, ITC was designed to significantly enhance the capacity of individuals/team-members and bring to light their personal barriers to change.  This methodology has consistently proven to generate a transformative impact. 

In this presentation we will review case studies, giving insight as to how some leaders uncover hidden barriers, creating the mindset shift needed to enable and sustain adaptive change.   We will discuss approaches to identify improvement goals, obstructive behaviors and competing commitments in order to help our clients unleash (much) more of their full potential.

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Wednesday, Oct 16
Margie Naddaff, Ed.M. Director, Executive & Organization Effectiveness, Harvard University