“Improving Interpersonal Communication Skills: For Individuals, Teams, and Organizations” Track B: Wed: 2:30pm-3:30pm

A weakness with many interpersonal communication initiatives is that the new skills don’t “stick” for very long. The workbook goes on the shelf and the fun day of interactive learning is forgotten.  “Communication Coding” is a simple, fast, and accurate methodology for improving interpersonal effectiveness that is easily understood and simple to immediately apply. This model updates what we’ve known for decades about the four main communication styles (aka “codes”) and maps observable, measurable (and teachable) communication behaviors to each code. Coaches can use Communication Coding to help executive clients improve their individual skills, the skills of their teams, and, over time, easily build a common language within an organization that empowers effective leadership and overall organizational success.

Three Take-Aways

In this session, coaches will:

  1. Be presented with the interpersonal communication science underlying the approach to Communication Coding.
  2. Explore ways Communication Coding can be integrated into coaching protocols to improve clients’ interpersonal communication effectiveness.
  3. Review case studies in which Communication Coding was the critical foundation for leadership effectiveness and organizational change.


Participate in an exercise to practice using questions to quickly identify someone’s Communication Code and adjusting your interaction for optimal effectiveness.

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Wednesday, Oct 16
Dr. Stacy Starkka, MCEC

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