“The Science of Creating Trust: The Power of the Leadership Phenomenon” Track: B: Thurs: 2:30-3:30pm

Participants will learn the science behind executive coaching transformation by looking beyond traditional models by exploring the business management approaches used by top performing fortune 500 companies, elite military units and dominant sport teams. The seminar will reveal the secrets used by these organizations that create authentic leaders, cultures of trust and, ultimately, top performing teams. I’ll present unique and fascinating scientific studies, case studies, and dramatic and entertaining personal stories, all of which align to not only significantly heighten the awareness of the true power of the leadership phenomenon for all participants, but how to leverage that immense power to transform leaders into authentic leaders; leaders of integrity who build their legitimacy on an ethical foundation, build honest relationships with followers by valuing their input, and promoting openness. Participants will learn the key practices that sustain exemplary corporate culture by creating enduring value for all stakeholders, as well as a profound understanding of the tremendous return on investment that is produced from a culture of trust. All attendees, executive coaches of all levels, including Master-level Corporate Executive Coaches, consultants, human resources professionals, and leaders at all levels will find significant value in this seminar – all will fully appreciate how creating a culture is trust is a strategic imperative.

1. Understand the profound power of the leadership phenomenon.
2. Evaluate the leader’s vital role in creating a culture of trust.
3. Identify practical and proven leadership behaviors that are critical in creating authentic leaders, cultures of trust and, ultimately, top performing teams.

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Thursday, Oct 17
Dr. Mark Brouker

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