Keynote: “Mastering Motivation—Scientific Truths for Helping People Thrive AND Achieve Their Goals”

Motivation Conversations: Three Scientific Truths for Getting to Why

Coaching clients who have sub-optimal motivation on their goal is like building castles on sand—all the planning and problem solving soon collapses. Susan reveals a science-based approach to help people identify their motivational outlook, shift from sub-optimal to optimal motivation, and reflect on their shift to prompt behavior change and sustain the optimal motivation required for achieving complex and long-term goals. Coaches discover how Motivation Conversations are distinctly different, yet compliment, traditional coaching.

In this session, coaches will:

  1. Examine the motivation science underlying the approach to Motivation Conversations
  2. Practice using questions to create Choice, Connection, and Competence—the three psychological needs required for optimal motivation
  3. Explore ways Motivation Conversations can be integrated into coaching protocols to facilitate their client’s motivational shift to generate the positive energy the need for accomplishing routine tasks or major goals.

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Thursday, Oct 17
Susan Fowler