Keynote: “Understanding a Model for Work Passion”


Dr. Drea Zigarmi


A weakness with many existing definitions of employee engagement is that they neither offer enough specificity to be measurable nor take the appraisal process into consideration. Work Passion is an individual’s persistent, emotionally positive, meaning-based state of well-being stemming from continuous, reoccurring cognitive and affective appraisals of various job and organizational situations, which results in consistent, constructive work intentions and behaviors—not only accounts for the appraisal process but also offers a specific context in which to measure Work Passion. 

Take-Aways and Exercise 

In this very interactive session participants will: 

  1. Be presented with the employee work passion appraisal model (EWPA model) and how it applies to culture transformation, employment sciences, executive coaching, and organizational leadership. 
  1. Participate in an exercise to examine a “real” case study and recommend what strategic leadership could do to improve the environmental characteristics of the employee experience using the EWPA model. 
  1. Learn about the relationship between Work Passion and Work Intentions and why the link is more precise than Work Engagement. 


Event Timeslots (1)

Wednesday, Oct 16
Dr. Drea Zigarmi