Nancy Parsons

Nancy Parsons

Executive Coaching

Nancy is President & Co-Founder of CDR Assessment Group, Inc. celebrating 20 Years in Business on October 5, 2018. Nancy is a foremost expert in cutting-edge psychological and performance assessments including the unmatched CDR 3-D Suite used for leadership and talent development.

In late 2017, she released her researched based book, “Fresh Insights to END the Glass Ceiling” that gets to the real reasons the glass ceiling exists and it is not what most people think. This book sheds new light on why so few women make it to the top, the staggering costs of not promoting enough women and is packed with practical solutions to bring it down.

Nancy has presented at international, national and other conferences for talent management, HR and women in leadership events. She has appeared on: NewsMax TV, the Lars Larson Show, USA Radio, and about 50 other programs to discuss her glass ceiling book and research.

Nancy has written over 70 articles and her new book, “How Women Are Creating the Glass Ceiling & Have the Power to End It” will be available in late 2019.
In 2016, Nancy launched the philanthropic endeavor “Vets Coaching Vets” and she and her team have worked to help veterans accelerate their career success.