Stacy Starkka

Dr. Stacy Starkka

Consulting I-O Psychologist | Surveys & Research | Professional Coaching

For nearly three decades, Dr. Starkka has helped individuals, groups, and organizations improve their effectiveness by designing and developing systems used in employment sciences through her experience as a researcher. Based on her research studying interpersonal communications in various industries, including healthcare and technology, she has developed a simple, fast, and accurate assessment and learning program called Communication Coding that is used to create a common language to improve effectiveness and overall culture.

Dr. Starkka’s groundbreaking research brings to light new insights into interpersonal communication dynamics at work through its assessment and unique learning platform. By using these tools, executive coaches have an effortless turnkey process to use with their clients.

Her tenure in talent management leadership taught her that sometimes complicated problems have simple solutions. Her scientifically validated methodology is one of the simple solutions to many complex problems in which interpersonal communications are key. Dr. Starkka trains other executive coaches in learning to incorporate this methodology in their coaching practices.

Dr. Starkka has a PhD in Industrial and Organizational Consulting Psychology from CSPP Alliant International University in California, an MBA from Norwich University Vermont, and is a Master Corporate Executive Coach certified by the MEECO Leadership Institute.